A request to original posters - please follow up


Many of us out here in zombie land try our best to help folks out there with car problems. Hearing back from posters as to how they made out with the problem means a lot to us. It also helps us to help others. For those who tell us how they made out, thank you. For those who don’t, it would mean a lot to us if you did.

- thanks in advance


Hi Mountainbike.

All the wonderful advice I got here about my 1987 Olds Cutlass Ciera and my dad’s 1983 Olds Delta 88 definitely helped me decide the ethical way to dispose of both after Dad died a couple of months ago.

My '87 “Brat Buggy” ended up being given to one of my nephews who needed a car to replace his '92 Buick Park Avenue that had been totalled by someone running a red light. I told him everything I knew to be a problem or potential problem with the car and gave him the complete service file on it. He’s delighted with the car and doing fine with it. He agrees there is a lot of vibration up through the steering wheel but isn’t bothered by that the way I was. He even made sure to ask what brand and weight motor oil I’d been using at oil changes so he keeps with the same.

The '83 Delta I sold to a young man who wants to work on it to learn car mechanics and hopefully keep the car going as his transportation. I made sure he knew the transmission was totally shot, about the major engine oil leak, the broken cruise control, etc. I pointed out the damage from the accident from several years ago. Generally, I made sure I told him everything wrong with the car, told him I was selling it as is with no guarantees it would keep running or that he could find all the needed parts for repairing it.

Since I know some needed parts have been totally unavailable even through salvage yards I sold it to him for the same price I could get from junking it at a salvage yard. The idea was that if he is unable to repair the car, he can still junk it for what he paid me and only be out the cost of licensing the car and his repair efforts. I just didn’t feel right asking more than that, even though I think he’d have paid me two to three times what I asked.

As to the 2007 Impala, still running fine. Only mystery is the one about the DRLs sometimes turning off when I kill the engine and sometimes staying on for the courtesy 20 second delay.



Thank you.

I recall the post on the DRLs, but had nothing to add. It almost has to be a faulty time delay relay. Don’t know eher it’s located though.

It’s good to know you made out well with the other buggys.

Sincere best.


Consider it your payment for sound (or, unsound) advice. AND, you could be helping your brethren and sistern, by responding.