Mysterious "X" at top of screen

What’s the purpose of that big “X”? Appears when I scroll the cursor upward, past the top of the screen.

Don’t dare to press it as experiment, not sure if something bad will happen … lol

I don’t know which X but clicking on it closes the ad, page, etc.

I developed the courage to click the X, and the only thing that happened, the screen format changed. Before clicking the X I couldn’t see the browser controls at the top. Now that I can see the browser control icons I can’t see the X any more. Not sure how I got the computer into the state where I could see the X. Maybe the X isn’t part of the Car Talk software, but part of the browser software.

Has to be part of the browser, only X I have is the one to close the browser.

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My theory is there’s some sort of full-screen mode I accidently activated.

You can try the escape key, see if it does anything.

Are you guys still getting this? it has not stopped for me and now it is getting worse. sometimes I have to refresh the page 3 times to get rid of it…

You are seeing this message because ad or script blocking software is interfering with this page.

Disable any ad or script blocking software, then reload this page.

Yes, I am still getting it intermittently. Luckily, one “reload” gets rid of it… until the next time…


Yeah I get it but just ignore it. No idea what’s in this computer and don’t care.

One of the function keys should restore full screen. Don’t know which, or you can try to swipe the screen.

I see that ad-blocking warning once in a while, annoying, but I just ignore it, eventually it goes away. Do you only see it here? Or also during other web-surfing?

As far as the big X, it seems to have disappeared, but the mystery remains. ‘Escape’ doesn’t make it appear. .

I only see it here. usually, it just happens once in a while, and I just refresh the page. but this week it seems to happen more often. and now sometimes I have to refresh the page 2-3 times to get rid of it.

I just click on the Community button in the red banner and it goes away .

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The yellow banner shows up for me and disappears when I hit reload. I don’t get it on my laptop. There’s been an issue under discussion with one of the ad vendors that has yet to be fixed, if I understand correctly. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

I don’t see a big x in the corner of my browser.

I have never seen a X at the top right of the page but I have never seen an ad on this site either. I am on my second computer. I had to get rid of my 2007 mac mini mini in 2016 because the processor was no longer compatible with any ad blocker. I still know very little about using a computer. It is either laziness or I am just an analog guy living in a digital world.

Could be just lack of interest also, I use a computer to learn about many things that interest me, but the vast body of knowledge that I would need to gain to become proficient is something I am not likely to accomplish in my remaining lifetime and it is a moving target anyway. I don’t even know how to create folders and please don’t waste your time telling me.

Take a very thick piece of paper, fold it, glue a tab on top for labeling and put it in the file box. But they make them pre made. Might as well splurge and get them.


Can you store digital data in a paper folder?

sure. store it on a thumb drive and put it in the folder. :wink: :rofl:


Ok I think I’ve figured out the big X mystery. Using Chrome on this page, click the three vertical dots, upper right. Then at the extreme right of the “Zoom” portion, click that segmented square icon. Full screen mode. The line w/the specialized browser icons (including three dots) will disappear. Now if you place the cursor all the way to the top, the big X mysteriously appears. The big X is what you click to exit full-screen mode. One caution: A message appears when I first enter full-screen mode saying “press F11 to exit full screen mode”. That doesn’t work, at least not here.

I doubt that’s how I inadvertently got into full screen mode. I expect there’s a key sequence alternate method. But it isn’t F11.

Resistance level a little low today is it. :grinning:

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I always use my thumbs when I drive.