OK, I have to replace the blower motor resistor, Interweb has different answers

Anyone know? it varies from behind the glove box, under the hood and pull the blower motor. Thanks in advance

Helping out a friend, if it was mine I would try all the alternatives, but would like to get it right the first time.

Generally, just follow the wires away from the blower motor. The next thing you hit should be the resistor.

More specifically, most of these early '00 GM passenger cars seem to have been about the same but I could be off for this specific car. It is probably crammed really tightly up against the firewall - a complete PITA to get to. The back 2 screws will likely seem impossible - as in you can’t see them and can’t fit anything normal back there to get them. The easiest thing will be the right size socket (probably 8mm) on a u-joint. Do it by feel. A little telescoping mirror might be helpful just to eyeball it. Don’t remove the rear screws - the mount holes on both the new and old resistor should be slotted. So remove the front ones, only loosen the back ones and slide it out.

I suppose it is payback, for some wrong I committed somewhere along the line, they did not have the $140 the mechanic wanted, and I thought it would be an easy 15 min job to help them out for a $29 part. Thinkin, gets me into trouble every time. Thanks for the advice, it is appreciated.

There is a blower motor control module that contains the resistor pack at the right end of the instrument panel. In fact I think the problem is that the resistor pack is called a “blower motor control module”,right side of instrument panel.

OMG, the plot thickens, wish I could call in sick on this one, sounds like I’ll be eyeballing for parts that match.

Buick century blower motor resistor (type it in)is what google goes to. Remove the underdash cover. You do have to remove the blower motor. The resistor is up against the firewall. A flexible entension is needed etc. etc. A Haynes Manual costs $20 and may be a good thing to have around if you want to fix your own car. The internet isn’t too bad.

I had to replace the resistor pack in my 1998 Regal. It’s from the same generation, and this part should be identical. You need to remove the kick panel under the glove box. It is also a good idea to remove the blower motor so you can see what you are doing. Follow the wires back to the resisor pack. It will be directly behind the blow motor mount and inset into the fire wall insulation. There are 3 screws (2 front, 1 behind) that hold it in its mount, facing down. The 2 front screws are difficult to get to and the rear one is just about impossible. Use a 1/4" socket breaker bar to remove the front screws. A socket head wrench won’t fit into the insulation cut-out. Now clamp vice grips over the resistor pack and pull it out. I tried loosening the rear screw and gave up. It’s just impossible. After you get the resistor pack out, loosen the back screw a few turns. It will just act as a shelf for the new resistor pack. Slide the new one in and replace the 2 front screws and you’re in business.

And have fun, my friend, it’s all on your back; stuffed into the passenger foot well.

One more thing: If you have automatic climate control it is integrated into the control module in the dash.