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Pontiac Sunfire 2001 Blower Motor Resistor

Fan speeds 1 and 2 do not work. I’m being told its the resistor. This was replaced once before several months ago. I’d like to try and fix it myself. I have searched the internet and so far…

resistor is behind the fuse block

resistor is under the dash at the firewall

the whole dash has to be removed to get to the resistor.

Its a 15 minute job to replace the resistor.

The resistor is inside the engine compartment next to the blower motor.

So, If anyone is actually familiar with a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire (4 door, 4 cyl.)

Do you know where the resistor is?

ALLDATA shows it next to the blower motor.

Thanks for a partial answer.

And the blower motor is where…

Is it accesseble from under the dash or from inside the engine compartment.

It’s located under the dash, passenger side.


Thank you.

You should ask why is the resistor gone so soon again. Your blower motor is likely going bad and drawing too much current burning out the resistor. If you can not put an ammeter on the motor yourself, you might save money in the longer run by taking it to an auto electric shop. Explain the problem to them and ask them to check it out.

Thank you very much for this post. It has save lots of time and money to fix my sunfire 2001. I knew nothing about cars until I decided to search my problem and landed on this forum. I got the idea of what the resistor looked like and where I can find it. So I went to a local auto part shop and bought the part. At first, the sales guy gave me a wrong part, he gave me a blower relay, it’s a good thing I got the idea of what it looks like and was able to correct that sales guy. When I came back to my car I looked under the dash and that blower in quit noticeable and right away I know where to pull off. It is under the dash at the passenger side. Everything went smooth as if I am like an experienced Mechanic. Thank you Guys…