Ok another noise and i NEED to know your opinion



the car in question is a kia sportage 2001 4x4

ok my friend pointed out to me when he drove my car today that sometimes when he pushed the gas you could hear the gears in the transmission clank together so of course i go take it out and sure enough while coasting down the road if i gave it gas it would clank

so my question is. Is my transmission slowly tearing itself apart? i had its filter and oil changed not to long ago may 6 or 7k miles ago

also its been in 2H the whole time


It could be if its a manual transmission, but it could also be a broken flex plate if an automatic, the CV joints with either. If its a manual and it has a dual mass flywheel, it could be that also.


my car has an automatic transmission. so the cv joints could be worn?


Check your motor and tranny mounts to see if any are broken or excessively loose. An easy way to do this is to watch the engine and trannsmission while someone powerbrakes the vehicle in drive and reverse (one foot on the brake and the other on the gas). If there is excessive movement and/or noise when powerbraking (i.e. clank in question) try to pinpoint which mount is allowing the movement.


good idea i can check that tomorrow when i go back over there. is there a way to check cv joints? i just grab it and see if i can move it right? or is that the you joint im thinking of


You can watch & listen to the joints while powerbraking the vehicle. When checking them by hand there should be axial movement in the inner joint but no rotational movement in either joint. This should be checked with the vehicle in neutral on a level surface. I would assume if the CV joints were making the clank noise that there would also be other major symptoms (vibrations, grinding, etc.) BE CAREFUL WHILE DOING THESE TESTS!


i will trust me im always careful around my car.