Clunking when i turn my '91 Sentra

Loud clack/clunk/snapping noise from front when i turn either way. Gets loud only when i turn while pressing gas.

Funny thing is, when car has sat for a while and i drive away, i don’t get much sound. It starts coming up a while later. Mechanic says CV joint is shot. But what if it’s something else? Don’t CV joints ‘click’ instead of ‘clunk’? I can barely feel the clunk near footwell. CV joint boots look okay. Pulled on shafts on either side, it’s a little bit loose. Should it be? PLease help

The symptoms you describe are classic CV joint problem symptoms.

Your mechanic, who I guess had some hands-on analysis of the car, also said it’s a CV joint problem.

CV joints often begin to click when they start to fail, but your symptom is also common.

I would get it fixed asap. If an outer CV joint breaks while driving, it will cause you some very expensive damage (not to mention the potential sudden loss of driveability).

Thanks a bunch. Will get it replaced soon. I DID face CV joint problems with other cars and as far as i knew these started with a clicking. this was just a loud clatter, clunk one fine day. Funny thing is, when the car has been sitting for a while, and i take almost full lock turns soon after starting, there is hardly nay noise. After i drive a while, things get loud. But only during turns. It’s as if things get noisy as parts start to heat up. Is that how it goes?

That can be how it goes. The CV joints are full of grease - thicker & stickier when its cold, and thinner when it gets hot.

thanks cigroller. already getting the CV joint ordered. i read that bad strut mounts could sometimes cause a clunk but mine were in perfect condition. also would worn ball joints cause a similar sound? or tie rod ends? or are those just like ‘clattering balls’?