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Transmission went out?

Ok i’m new here but i’ll keep it simple. Driving around nyc ( we had crazy winter weather lately if that helps) car started making a clanking noise every so often from the hood. (note it was getting harder to steer i have awd) Pulled over, it looked fine, kept driving, all of a sudden few blocks later a LOUD metal clashing noise came from under the hood. Pulled over turned the car off. Now the car starts fine, but the car makes that noise everytime i shift to Forward/Reverse. Neutral is fine. Tranny went out? The car wont move

I can’t see ur car from where I sit. Motor is spinning in neutral but relatively stable since no torque is being transmitted. So, it could be as simple as a broken motor mount allowing some part of motor to contact something? Have helper watch motor while you shift into gear

Thanks, i’ll check it out. Do you think it can be the transmission fluid? I’ve seen a few posts about that online

What kind of car, 2wheel, 4wheel or All wheel drive- how many miles, what year?

It can’t hurt to check the transmission fluid, but I don’t think that is the answer. The clunking sound getting worse and the the big clunk are good clues. I suspect the CV joint(s) of one of the front axles has just completely failed.

Concur w/ @UncleTurbo … a good bet is one of the CV joints has failed. That’s usually less $$$ than a transmission problem to fix, so cross your fingers it is a CV joint, not the transmission. OP could look under there with a flashlight, see if anything looks unusual about the drive shafts, comparing one side of the car to the other, or if one of the boots has split, is missing, etc.