Oil usage in Audi A4 2.0T

I have a 2007 A4 with the 2.0T engine. Oil usage which started out at 2900 miles per quart is now 1750 miles per quart. Audi customer relations says that even 1200 miles per quart is within design limits. What this means is that I may use 8 quart of oil between the recommended 10,000 mile oil and oil filter interval. Engine capacity is 4.5 quart. Does this pass for German humor or is it inevitable that turbo charged engine can burn that much oil, because of VW’s inability to come up with a PCV design that closes the valve when the turbo is exerting pressure? There are lots of complaints by owners. See http://act…86010.page

This is not a VW issue. Saturn, a GM product is very well known for it. Most if not all auto manufacturers are allowing high oil usage as normal.

I would be upset myself, but so far my VW (2002 diesel) does not use enough between changes (10,000 miles) to notice on the dipstick. I never had a car that used the kind of oil that many new cars use.

This is not unusual for VW/Audi engines, but they are not only ones. As you now know, some manufacturers consider a certain amount of oil burning “normal.” I don’t personally agree, but I’m not the engineer who designs these engines.

I can tell you that my Acura does not use any oil between changes, and my Subaru, with almost 120K miles, uses maybe one quart in 5,000 miles.

I suggest you develop a habit of checking the dipstick on a regular basis.

As Mr. Meehan suggests, that rate of oil consumption is considered to be within normal limits by every car maker with which I am familiar. Like you, I would also be upset by this rate of oil consumption on a virtually new car, but I really don’t believe that you have any recourse at this point, since this is within the guidelines of Audi and essentially all of the other car makers.

I suggest that you monitor the dipstick regularly, and that you keep a tally of how much oil is being consumed. As soon as it begins burning oil at a higher rate than 1 qt. per 1,200 miles, complain again. Until then, I believe that you will be ignored–or at most, placated by Audi of America and the dealer.