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2016 Kia Sorento - Oil consumption

2.4 at 68,000 miles ,started using 2 quarts oil between oil changes. This is a problem.

That statement is nearly meaningless. Oil use is measure in miles per quart. So, if you are changing oil at 2000 miles that is one quart per thousand miles which is considered acceptable by most manufacturers.

How frequently, as in miles, do you change oil? Every 5,000? Every 7,500? Less? More? GM considers significantly more than a quart in 2,000 miles excessive. If you’re going through 2 quarts in, say, 5,000 miles you’re doing okay. It’s not ideal but certainly within what car makers consider normal.

Good to have the facts. Now be sure the check the oil more often and keep it topped up.

If a reason for the oil loss can be found, great. If you choose to have it fixed, great. But keeping it topped up and doing nothing else, the engine will likely go many tens of thousands more miles.

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…and, if those oil changes are taking place at… let’s say… the more typical 5k miles, that would work out to 1 qt per 2,500 miles, which is certainly within “acceptable” territory.

Is the OP aware that owners of pricey new Audis are told by the manufacturer that the consumption of 1 qt every 600 miles is “normal”, and is “not a warranty issue”? Please note that I did not claim that this is desirable, but your probable oil consumption would appear to be far, far lower than that of new Audis.

You’re not letting the oil get below the “add” mark, I hope.