Oil useage

Does anyone out there have a VW passat with a 2.0T engine that uses alot of oil? Mine has 60,000 miles on it and goes thru a quart every 1,000 miles. Don’t see any leaks and no smoke. Have you found the reason? Bill

Even Tom and Ray noted in their most recent column that VW’s seem to use more oil than most cars, but your observed usage is within the realm of normal and reasonable. Some manufacturers even say a quart of oil every 700 miles is normal. Congratulations on being a good owner/operator and keeping an eye on your oil level and knowing your car’s rate of consumption. We see a lot of posts on here from people who run their cars out of oil, blow the engine up, and want to blame somebody else for their own negligence. You are a good owner, and your car’s rate of oil consumption is not cause for concern.

Mark is right. Yea that usage is not considered excessive. It does not mean you need to make any corrections.

Good Luck

I read recently that VW admitted that many motors had the rings on the pistons installed incorrectly, which is why many motors burned oil at an excessive rate. To my knowledge, VW has done nothing to correct the problem.

I wonder if that is also the source of the problem with late-model Audis, since they are made by the same corporation.
A number of Audi owners have reported in this forum that their nearly-new cars burn 1 qt of oil every 600 miles, and when dealers are confronted with this complaint, they claim that it is “normal” for Audis.