Audi A4 oil consumption


I have a 2008 Audi A4 2.0 and it is needing oil 100-1500 miles. Anyone having this problem? They said they can’t find any external leaks and they need to do a consumption study.

How much oil is needed? If it is a tablespoon or less OK if it is 55 gallons it is too much.

How often have you checked the oil? Has it ever gotten low enough to turn on the low oil warning?

It may be normal. Many modern cars use more oil than we learned to expect in our older cars.

This seems to be a common complaint with Audis. Most makers consider anything over 1,000 miles/quart to be ‘normal’. You might search for an Audi discussion forum, see what folks there have done. Start documenting everything in case you need it later.

I have had to add 2 quarts in the past 2500 miles - the oil light came on at about 1500 and 1000! Prior to this the oil light was coming on about every 3000 m. Now they are going to do an oil consumption test and I have to bring the car in every 632 miles. This is not normal, and if it it, it will be my last Audi. I had no problems with the last one, never had to add oil between servicing.

I agree with texases. Your complaint seems to be a fairly common one is this forum, regarding late-model Audis.

The consensus of the previous complaints was that these cars seem to consume about 1 qt every 600 miles. Clearly, this is a high rate of oil consumption–in general–but it may be considered normal for these engines.

Most manufacturers will tell you that consumption of 1 qt per 1,000 miles is “within normal limits” for a new or fairly new car. However, once the oil control rings are properly seated, this rate usually diminishes considerably. Perhaps proper break-in procedure was not followed with this engine.

While that 1 qt per 1k miles might be considered to be “within normal limits”, it would certainly be annoying to anyone who paid a considerable sum of money for a new car. By way of comparison, when I got rid of my lemon Volvo, it was burning 1 qt every 600 miles–but that did not begin until the car was about 4 or 5 years old, and had over 60k miles on the odometer. My present car is 8 1/2 years old, with over 103k on the odometer, and still burns no oil whatsoever between its 4k oil changes.

Be persistent. For the amount of money that you paid for this car, you deserve better.

That engine(VW/Audi 2.0) is knwon to oil consumer for whatever reason. Really too bad as it is an incredible engine otherwise.

Have the consumption study performed and hopefully get a new motor or rebuild. I am unclear of the issue but I know a few GTI/Audi owners who have added checking oil often to their routine(sadly).

My cousin has a 2006 A4 and one day noticed that her exhaust pipes were very oily and I ran my finger in there and it was realy oily. Her exhaust pipes are always very black and sooty. She has to add oil all the time.

She took the car back to the dealer and they did a test and she had to keep bringing the car back to check it. They said that it was normal. They have about 36k on the car and won’t be buying anymore Audi’s.