Oil loss - 2015 Kia Soul

what can b done about the problem with oil lost

You add more! The engine has a 10 year, 100000 mile warranty. Check your oil weekly, keep track of the mileage and how much oil you added, go to a Kia dealer after a month or two,and show them your records. If you use more than a quart every 500 miles, they should repair or replace the engine,.less than that is considered normal.

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I have read 500 miles per quart and I have read of oil consumption tests where they replace your engine if you get less than 1200 miles per quart, but old mopar guy has it right. Check your oil, keep records and complain in writing. If you can’t get them to issue a work order about the problem, email them. If they don’t respond send them a registered letter, contact the zone office. Complain nicely, but complain and keep complaining.

I keep a case of motor oil in the closet and add a quart about every 1500 miles, so far none of my oil has been lost, it is always there when I need it.