2017 Kia Sportage using a lot of oil

uses a lot of oil, seems likes I am adding a qt. every week. Yes I have read all there excuse also and I to will never buy another Kia or advise anyone to buy one.

What is “a lot of oil”? For average drivers a week’s driving is about 250 miles and a quart in that interval is excessive. Have you checked for leaks? How many miles on your Sportage? It could still be covered by the (transferrable) powertrain warranty, my wife’s 2016 Tucson is.

My questions would be how often do you change the oil and how often do you raise the hood to check the oil level? Further questions might be how many miles on the car and was it purchased new or used?

Extended oil changes (all depending) can cause oil consumption problems and running the engine chronically low on motor oil because the hood never comes up to check the oil level and not adding oil as needed can also cause oil consumption issues.

Without some specific info to further an opinion this may or may not be a dealer issue but rather a car owner issue.


Have you contacted the dealer and done an oil consumption test? A quart a week should qualify you for a new engine unless you are over the warranty mileage.


What did the dealer say about this problem?