2020 Kia Soul - Oil consumption

Ridiculous oil consumption. Noticed that it was using oil right from the start. 2nd oil change, I requested a visual inspection to make sure it wasn’t leaking out. 3rd oil change I requested to see if it was one of the affected vehicles. The performed a system recall and did a combustion cleaning. Had to call the dealer to find out if my car was done, they NEVER call me. I was told to drive it for 1000 mi. brought it back and was told it would be 24hrs. 3 days later I called and I was told they were waiting for approval from the factory. on the repair order it says to come back in another 1000 mi. The oil is very low at this point. They changed the oil the last time but not the service interval on the dash. After calling 3 times and not getting any call back, I finally got the service manager on the phone, only for him to tell me that 1 qt. per 1000 mi. falls within specs. My 86 Buick didn’t use this much oil. I bought a Kia thinking it was a well built car. Not only was I taken advantage of through the sales department, I now feel abandoned by the service department. I will never do business with Dan O’Brien Kia or any of his other dealerships.

Keep an accurate record of your additions to the oil. Don’t let it get more than a quart low, and don’t overfill it. Don’t do anything where YOU can be blamed. You have a long warranty, and this problem won’t get better. Check to see if your state has a lemon law.


That is a huge red flag. If you know the car is using oil, why would you let it get “very low”? Check the level frequently and add oil when necessary. Whatever the problem is, you’re only making it worse.


That “very low oil” comment comes across to me as that you have been operating this vehicle without checking the oil level and are still continuing to do so. True or not?

If so, a bit of this falls onto your shoulders as operating an engine that is low on oil (even a quart) can exacerbate an oil consumption problem.


You need to
-buy a small notebook/notepad
-check your oil every fill up
-add the correct oil when a quart low, record the miles and date
-record the date and miles of every oil change
-retain every piece of paperwork from every trip to the dealer, request some if they don’t give it to you

It’s unlikely the oil use will stay constant, if it improves, great, if it gets worse you’ll have a record

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A quart per 1000 miles is not out of line these days. I am lucky with my ‘fleet’ as I use very little, but you should be checking at least every other full up and keeping the oil @ the full mark

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