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2017 Kia Soul - When to change oil

I have a 2017 Kia Soul. My owners manual tells me to change the oil at 7500 miles, the dealership service manager says at 5000 miles and the guy who changes it puts a sticker on my windshield for 3000 miles. They use a 5-20 blend oil. Which one is correct?

The 7500 mile is normal use. The dealer assumes severe use so they say 5000 and the oil change place has a boat payment due and wants you back to spend more money. Unless you are racing this car, you don’t need to change it at 3000 miles

I notice you didn’t mention any time spans. That 7500 mile OR X months is likely what it says. It may say 12 months. Use whichever come first. If you only went 3000 miles in a year, change it at the one year point.

It likely also says 7500 miles for normal use and have a second, shorter term, like 5000 miles for severe use. Assume severe use.

By “blend” oil I assume you mean synthetic blend. Doesn’t matter.

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With oil change intervals, better to error on the side of caution. A properly done oil and filter change only helps to preserve your engine, never hurts. There’s no way saving $$$ by longer oil change intervals will ever pay for oil-related engine damage. I’d suggest to go with the 5,000 mile interval. 3,000 miles is playing it a little overly-safe imo. If you want to be extra safe, maybe 4,000 miles.

I would do it every 5k miles. 3k is a little overkill.

Dealers often just go by the calendar and have a record of when you were last there. I just had a call from my Toyota dealer to bring the car in for an oil change because “it was due”.

Never mind the car just went 1000 miles since the last oil change, has been garaged and made a few long enough trips to drive off any sludge.

Service departments make money when they are busy.