Oil life monitor equinox

My 08 equinox has oil life monitor. It reads 0-100% when you start vehicle.
The orange wrench symbol comes on when it is time to change oil.
It is NOT the red low oil pressure light
You also get a message saying change oil.
You can manually reset 0-100% in info center.
Manual also says you can turn on ign and pump gas pedal 3 times to reset oil life monitor.
Dash says 100% now. When I shut off car, the orange wrench /can illuminates for 1-2 sec.
I did not use gas pedal method. Only dash button reset.
So, does the manual say to do 2 things to reset oil life?
Gas pedal method and trip computer 0-100% reset?

Aren’t you answering your own question?
The gas pedal reset method works on GM vehicles that don’t have the fance displays so why not keep that in cars with the fancy displays as well as the push button.

Manual says suv has dash display 0-100% oil life monitor system.
On page 155 of manual. It says orange wrench light will come on when oil change is required.
On page 312 it says use gas pedal method. It does not say use gas pedal method IF you don’t have trip computer.
It describes both methods. It does not say you HAVE to use both or NEED to use both.
Why does my orange symbol illuminate for 1-2 sec when I shut off on equinox? Equinox oil life is 100%.
This is on equinox. My torrent has trip computer. And 0-100% dash reading. I have never seen the oil wrench light. Maybe I’m blind?

Then you don’t. Use one OR the other. Maybe the wrench lite pops on for a moment to let you know it is still there. It will stay on when service is due.

The square to The left with the triangle is where the oil wrench appears. I’ve never been down to 0-10% oil life so that’s why I’ve never seen it. I have seen the traction light issue many time though. The square to the right is for door ajar, trunk lid open, and a few others. This is a stock internet pic.

It’s confirming that you have indeed reset the oil life monitor

I have always changed my oil before I get a warning, typically 5000 miles.

The reminder on the entertainment center won’t reset the actual warning that appears on the information center. It’s like a calendar and can tell you when you entered the date of the oil change. It does take a while to forget about the entertainment junk and stay in reality. You can use the gas pedal method or the buttons, either one will work.