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2013 Chevrolet Equinox P0014 DTC

2013 Equinox 2.4 4 cyl, 91k miles. Pistons, rings, and a timing chain replaced at 42k due to oil consumption issue. Oil changes every 5k with Valvoline Full Synthetic 5w-30 Dexos compatible oil. Last oil change was at 88k miles, oil is clean and level is good.

I was driving home tonight and the check engine light came on, the engine was running normally before/after the light came on. My code reader came back with a P0014 - exhaust camshaft position sensor timing over advanced. Being that it is an Equinox with the infamous 2.4 engine I am a little concerned. For now I cleared the code and will wait and see if it reappears.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Ed B.

If the P0014 code returns would be worth replacing the Intake and Exhaust Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Solenoids proactively? It looks like a fairly simple job on the Equinox.

Ed B.

Is 5W30 the recommended oil? Many now call for 5W20 or lower. VVTs, compared to most components in an engine, are very needful of the correct oil.

There may be a newer recommendation, retroactive to your engine. Honda said 5W30 when my 1999 Honda was new; they now say to use 5W20 in it, last time I checked.

Maybe this clip helps. Shows how to test the solenoids and replace them.

The CEL came back on tonight after another 40-50 miles of driving. Same P0014 code. I will take it to my local mechanic for a proper diagnosis rather than throw parts at it. I will post back with the results.

Ed B.

Hopefully it is just one of the VVT actuators or associated sensor, given your excellent oil & filter replacement regime.

It turns out my mechanic is going on vacation until early January and is booked up. He did hook it up to his scanner to confirm the P0014 code. He recommended I change the oil immediately for now until I can get it in the shop.

I changed the oil last night, it was very dark and thin for 3k miles. I’m wondering if I used 5w-20 instead of 5w-30 for the previous oil change. The CEL still comes on after 20 or so miles. I used Valvoline Max Life (high mileage +75k) 5w-30 synthetic oil instead of the regular synthetic oil but I don’t think that should make a difference. The Equinox is still running fine for now. If I have a chance I will replace the VVT solenoids over the holiday.

Ed B.

Replaced the Intake and Exhaust VVT solenoids on Saturday. So far after 70 miles no CEL. Even though it was running fine with the CEL on, mpg dropped about 15%, it looks like the mpg has returned to normal after the repair. I feel like I’ve dodged a bullet.

Ed B.