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How do i reset oil life setting on my integrated info readout 02 Bravada

I own a well cared for 02 Olds Bravada with all the add ons including the information readout in my instrument panel of which 1 of the items liisted is the Oil Life % . My ? is after i change my oil and filter how do i reset the % readout to show more life left. As of yet it doesnt seem to do it automatically…

I’m not sure on this model, but typically I have seen two ways. The first is a simple button next to or above the fuse box that you need to push in. The other way is to turn the key to the on position (don’t start the car) and push in the gas peddle three times for a second or two pause between each push.

Failing that I would hope that it is in the owners manual.

On my Olds, you go to the oil life display, press the reset button and hold it in for about 5 seconds until the oil life resets to 100%. The same reset button that would be used for changing the trip monitor, etc. On my Olds it is in the service manual but not in the owners manual. On my Acura, its in the owners manual.

Well thank you . First thing tomorow i will give it a try. I will post the results.