DIC says oil change 5%, but

I have a 2015 Chevrolet Sonic and I went to drive it this morning and on the DIC, a message popped up about my oil being at 5% and that I needed to change it. I had my oil changed about a month ago and still have 3kish miles to go before I usually have it changed. Checked the oil, still plenty in there, and I don’t believe there’s any leak.

Any ideas on what’s wrong with it?

they probably forgot to reset the oil change warning in the settings.


Like said above, the oil life monitor has to be reset when the oil is changed, and that probably wasn’t done. Instructions on how to reset it should be in the owner’s manual or online so you can get rid of the warning. Once you reset it, you’ll just have to change the oil by the mileage, which it sort of sounds like you may be doing anyway.


Do you know if it even senses anything concerning the oil? Or is it just info for the driver so they don’t have to manually check oil life?

It doesn’t actually know anything about the oil. The computer doesn’t know whether you changed the oil or not. It assumes the oil was changed the last time the monitor was reset.

The oil monitor looks at the vehicle’s driving history and estimates when the oil should be changed based on that, basically.

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Nvm, I googled it lol. Thanks for answering!