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Rear diff seals leak

1999 Audi A8 with 59,000 miles. Small drips of fluid at the back end of the car on an INFREQUENT basis. Audi dealer says the car needs rear diff seals, trans pan gasket and front prop seal, to the tune of about $1,200. Does this sound like a plausible diagnosis and a reasonable price? Driven by mother in her late 70s. Thanks.

If it’s not losing more than a few drips, I’d just have it checked at every oil change.

Age and LACK of driving tends to allow seals to dry out a bit and seep. As says texases, if the quantity of loss is minimal, so is the “problem”. Just check and maintain fluid levels. My 79 c10 p/u has only 70,000 miles and is prone to these “lack of use” leaks also.

Agree, the best way to cope with small leaks is a cookie tray with some kitty litter on it placed on your garage floor. On an older vehicle it is not worthwhile to hunt down every small leak. Just keep topping it up.

Thanks for the advice!

Great suggestion! I’ll suggest she do that to keep the floor clean.

A small amount (4 oz) of “transmission stop-leak” product added to the offending gear-boxes could possibly restore the seals and stop the drips.

One other thing, this has the Audi Quattro system, right? Just make sure that the correct fluid is used to top off the various components. Don’t trust this to a quicky-lube place. A good independent Audi shop would be fine, though. You don’t have to use the dealer if a good shop is available.