Rear oil seal

Any miracle cures for stopping rear oil seal leaking on an 1995 Olds Aurora 4.0L

NO; it should be properly fixed; if not it will ruin your rear brake as well.

For one in good shape the only cure is to replace the seal.

For an old beater you can try one of the additives from the parts store.

Doc, unless you know something I don’t I assume he’s talking about the rear main seal on the crank.

If the leak’s that big, I would think the engine failure would be a bigger concern.

Sorry, I took it to be rear axle seals, which often leak where I live due the severe temperature in winter. Rear main bearing needs fixing if the leak is significant.

well, the rear of what ?

If only the op would give something accurate to work off of. :frowning:

Waaaay too often a customer’s description needs more info. My cutomer’s “front seal” turned out to be the rear axle pinion seal !

Ken’s right, knowing what oil is leaking would be a huge help.


I had such a rear bearing seal leak (significant)on a Nissan with an otherwise perfect engine. My mechnic did the work for about $850; the seal is cheap but the labor is a killer. No more drips on the garage floor.