Oil filters for ford diesel truck

Hi there. I need education. I have an F250 diesel and need an oil filter. I don’t trust the oil change places to use the best filters so I want to buy my own and bring it with me. However, when I shopped on line I was surprised that the filter is just that, a filter w/o any case. Does one reuse to casing? Please fill me in. Thanks

Consult the owner’s manual for information about changing the oil filter.

Stay away from “oil change places.” Go to a mechanic, independent or dealer. They will use the correct filter.

Year ?
Must be a 6.0 L '04 or newer to be a canister filter. 6.4 uses the same.
Motorcraft FL-2016 is only $23.20 here.

Go to any parts house and get any brand you want, some places like Auto Zone sell Motorcraft too.

When buying another brand filter which comes with an attached cap…
NEVER discard the OE Ford filter cap !
Save it. Tell the shop or lube place first thing before they can it.
It is different and will be required next time you get a Motorcraft filter.

Thanks for the advice. Aren’t dealers a lot more expensive? And I know there are quality differences in filter brands. I use Moblle 1 in my car. When they use the “correct filter” how do I know it is a better quality one?

It’s a 2007 F250 diesel.

A lot more expensive that what ?
What is your base line for comparison ?
The 6.0 takes 15 quarts of 10w30 diesel oil ( API service CJ-4 ) @ $3.49 qt Motorcraft = $52.35

  • Motorcraft FL2016 filter @ $23.20
    Plus labor, shop supplies, and tax.
    My Ford dealer menu price for the diesel oil change is just $89.95 we teel the customer who asks " how much for my diesel oil change?" to bring $105.00

Don’t let the quick lube place throw in any 15w40 in your 6.0 either. That’s not what it takes.

Buy name brands like Wix, Purolator ( makes Motorcraft ), Fleetguard, Napa, CarQuest, Baldwin etc
Stay away from brands that sound like wanna-bees like autopro, carguard, motorcare, champ, etc.

clue <<
When you go into a parts store like Auto Zone and you see a super cheap filter…
remember…there’s a reason for that.
and that’s what you’re trying to avoid.

Have you even asked your dealer ?
I’ll bet it’s more reasonable that you think.