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F-350 oil filter

I recently bought a 2005 Ford F-350 5.4ltr V8. When I left the dealership a salesman warned me to only use ford oil filter as other brands have caused engine problems. Has any one heard of this or is it just bs to get me to buy expensive filters from them?

Pure BS. There are many filters out there that are just as good or better than Ford filters. Avoid the ones made in China though.

It’s BS but the salesman may honestly think what he is telling you is the truth. He’s simply misguided due to lack of mechanical knowledge and that can be a common trait among car salesmen, service advisors, and service manangers.

It tells you one thing, that is good to know. You can’t trust that dearer!

For all you know, the filter that Ford will sell you is most likely made by Wix or some other tier-1 auto supplier. Just don’t use the auto parts store’s ‘house special’ on it.

If you are interested in following this advice, you can get Motorcraft oil filters and synthetic blend oil at Walmart off the shelf. The filters cost about the same as a cheap Fram filter, and the Motorcraft synthetic blend costs about the same per quart as conventional Mobil or Castrol. This is the same stuff your truck was born with, and you can get it cheap at Walmart, so you might as well. I just wouldn’t let them do the work. We see enough of those sad stories on this forum.