Oil filter for 2007 Chevy Cobalt

I need a deep socket to get the top of the oil canister off in order to change the filter cartridge. Does anyone know what size socket I need?

I use 35MM on my 05 Malibu. I bought it in the 80’s when I had to take the CV joints out from my Sentra. Had no use for it for years until I have my Malibu. You can also use an adjustable wrench or even open/box wrench if you have enough space.

35mm is too large. I have since found out that I need a 32mm socket. Not enough space to use an open/box wrench. Thank you for your reply anyway.

you need a 1-1/4 inch shallow soccket, the one i use is 1/2 inch drive and i use a 1/2 to 3/8 adapter on the socket so i can use a 3/8 racthet and extension.