2005 Chevy Malibu Classic (missing oil filter?)

Hey. I have a question about my 2005 Chevy Malibu Classic. The other day I went to change my oil and got under the car and to my suprise I couldn’t find the oil filter on this car, so I did some research and typed just a basic search on google and everything lead me to check under the hood of the car and that I would need socket wrenches to get to the oil filter. Well today I opened up my hood and still no luck! My owners manual doesnt have a thing about an oil filter(doesnt tell where it is or anything). Can you please help me!?? I would like to change the oil and filter by myself rather then bringing it to a shop to get it done.

Take it to a friendly mechanic. Slip him a $5 and have him show you where it is.

The engine uses a cartridge type oil filter that’s inserted into a canister.

Look towards the back of the engine and you’'ll see a round canister with a cap on top. The oil filter cartridge is located in that canister.


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Under the car or under the hood?

I had the same problem with my wifes Lexus. Uses a cartridge filter and the canister that holds the filter cartridge looks like any other engine part. But after some looking I was able to find it.

Under the hood.


The filter is covered by a little plastic cover take it off and it’s there

I sure hope op has found the filter by now . . . 10 years after they posted :smiley:


I never did find the oil filter on my 1947 Pontiac and I will bet that nobody on this board could find it. The car wasn’t equipped with an oil filter. The oil used was non detergent. Straight weight 30 was to be used in the warmer months and 10 weight in cold weather. Oil was supposed to be changed every 1000-1500 miles.

Makes me laugh. Our 58 Chevy 6 cyl had the cartridge filter. Messy. Needed to use a turkey baster to get the oil out of the canister as I recall. I always helped my dad and I think he modified his language a little for my benefit while changing filters. We didn’t have those nitrile gloves to wear back then. Just bare hands and Comet or gas if they were really dirty.