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Change oil filter

Do I need any special wrenches to change the oil filter on my 2010 Toyota Camry 2.5 liter engine. It looks like the filter or cartridge is held in with a metal plate that has a 3/8 drive hole in it, so I’m thinking the end of one of my socket extensions will do the trick. Any help is appreciated.

Are you sure it’s a canister filter? My wifes Lexus has a element filter (you just replace the paper element). It sounds like the same setup as the Lexus. The metal plate does NOT hold the filter in place. It’s just to drain any oil out of the filter before you change it. If you have access use a pipe wrench to remove the filter…or any filter wrench that may fit over the metal canister. Once removed you just replace the paper element and two gaskets (included with the new filter).

Mike, you are right, it is a element filter. Thanks for the help…bigbass