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Oil filter drain plug "O" ring

Bought a 2008 Fusion with 2.3L engine. Owners manual says to change oil filter drain plug O ring with each oil change. What am I missing here? Do they mean the o ring that’s on the filter itself or what? Haven’t looked under the car yet.

They are referring to what some car companies call a “crush washer” for the drain plug. Replacing this washer at each oil change ensures that the drin plug won’t leak and the threads won’t be stripped trying to tighten the plug to the point where oil doesn’t leak.

If you aren’t willing to replace the crush washer with each oil change, you should consider replacing the drain plug with a valve kit that makes it easier to change the oil.

If you get your oil changed by the dealership or a good mechanic, they will replace this crush washer with each oil change. Failure to replace this crush washer is one reason so many people complain about Jiffy Lube and other quick oil change businesses stripping the threads of their oil pans.

These washers can be purchased anywhere by the package really cheaply.

Some drain plugs have rubber O rings in a groove. You can reuse them if they aren’t hardened but a new one is a cheap insurance policy. Save the old one so you can have one to compare, if you have to pick one from an assortment. They mean the one on the plug. Yours is still good.

Thankls for the info! I had a Subaru that used the compression washers, so I am familiar with those! As I said, car stinot ready for it’sfirst oil change, but I don’t like surprises!
Thanks again

I cannot speak for any other model. But, my son and I have around 300,000 miles experience using nylon washers on the drain plug of our cars. Mine is a Sienna. We know just how much to set them up so they don’t leak or break. I buy them at Advanced or Autozone, and carry a couple extras with me in the console where we keep change for tolls. I would say we replace them every 6th or 7th time. We simply don’t trust an o-ring that sort of crushes itself with no way to be sure what is happening.