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Drain Plug Washer Question

The drain plug on my car uses a 14M aluminum crush washer that needs to be changed at every oil replacement. That said,the after market packages I have found have different width shoulders with some wider than others. Should i be able to a secure seal with any width shoulder as long as the washer fits snugly around the plug?



If anyone from Discourse is reading this 10 characters to reply is stupid.


This is not complicated.

Go to your parts store, and tell them the vehicle you have, and ask for a package of the of the aluminum crush washers required to do an oil change.



I hate those aluminum crush washers. As soon as my car is out of warranty I am changing to a neoprene one.

I use “silicone gasket maker” last 10+ years :slight_smile:

when you drain the oil, get plug out and clean it with paper towel, apply gasket maker, then you finish draining in 15 minutes - it is ready to go back in place, once you tighten it - clean silicon squeezed out and you are done

not only it’s cheap, but I don’t care about these washers anymore :slight_smile:


On my Hyundai’s since I have to use Hyundai oil filter only (both because of warranty and TSB), I just buy 6 packs of the filter that comes with 6 washers from amazon.

My son bought a 2015 Sonata and called me up tp listen to his engine after the first time he changed his oil. It sounded like a threshing machine. I advised him to try a Hyundai filter, he actually got a Kia one because the Kia dealer is much closer. Problem solved, noise went away. This was before we knew about the TSB. The factory filters are only $5-$6

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My drain plug has the female torx which I messed up. A 5 pack of plugs is $6 at rock auto. Plugs, not gaskets. Like I need 5? But I assume it is 8.95 at Napa for 1.

I replace all of my drain plugs with valves. They’re all out the way of road debris on the side of the oil pan, not hanging down (with the exception of one of my motorcycles).

I re-use the washers and have for years with no problems with leakage at all. I only replace one if I lose it or it gets damaged.

I have also switched aluminum with copper washers and they work too.

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If mine were not facing down I’d definitely consider this. I change my oil often enough that it would be worth it. :nerd: