Oil Filter broken off on parking block

Help. To get right to the point. My son broke off the oil filter and the “pipe” which the oil filter screws onto. Is there a way to repair this? I was thinking the part where the oil filter fits must be bolted to the engine and thus replaceable. Anyone have any info?

You were thinking? Did you crawl under and take a look? and just out of curiosity how did he manage to break it off

what vehicle…engine…year ect…

The threaded fitting the oil filter spins onto is replaceable. But, they are threaded into the block with an interference fit to prevent them from coming back off. If it was snapped off clean with the block, or with very little metal left to grab onto with a wrench, a special extraction tool will be required. Or it may need to be drilled out.

Either way, I don’t think a parking lot or driveway with basic hand tools will get this job done.

However, you may be lucky and have an oil filter adapter that can unbolt from the engine block with simple tools, and a new one bolted on. I’ve seen a few Fords and others that used this technique.

On the Villager ( Nissan Quest also ) The filter screws on to a segment which in turn bolts to the oil pump at the front of the engine. They’re all aluminum pieces so you really have to get down there and look to see how much is broken.
A great way to know is to have your ford dealer print out the parts picture first.
Since you won’t respond with year and engine info I’ll guess at '02 3.3l

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It took a half hour, but…
first time I’ve gotten a scanned picture to transfer.
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Thanks for the diagram. It seems I might be able to just replace the threaded pipe part #6890. If not just that, at least I can see what I need to talk to the mechanic about. I guess I’m game to put a pair of ViseGrips on what is left of the broken off pipe–there is about 3/4 of an inch or so–and see if I can get the broken piece out. I would assume the threads are left handed.(?)

Yeah, I crawled under it. The only damage was the oil filter fitting. Nothing else cracked as far as I can see after a close inspection with a pretty bright flashlight. The vehicle is a 1997 Mercury Villager with about 160 k. Still runs great–well, until this afternoon, that is!

How did it get broke off

I’m not familiar at all with how this threaded nipple is assembled into the flange but some of them I’ve seen are pressed in and/or staked. This means it won’t come out without destroying the flange.

Maybe this one is different and much good luck to you.

You were on the right track. The nipple was braize into the flange so I had to get the entire assembly–oil filter bracket it was called–replaced. It is a “vintage part!” The vehicle is a 1997–I was really surprised a 14 year old vehicle is vintage! Thanks for the help.

Generally speaking, car makers provide parts support for about 10 years after the production date of the vehicle itself although “support” can be a pretty loose term to use. It’s not the fault of the car dealers this occurs.
In theory, the vehicle was obsolete about 3 or 4 years ago and things like this are the norm actually.

Glad you got the part though! Sometimes parts like this can’t be had at all unless one lucks out at the salvage yard.

Thanks again for the diagram. It made really helped when I explain to the mechanic what the problem was. Unfortunately, the threaded nipple is not replaceable, eventhought the part is available for $1.67! I did order it then found out the old one was brazed into the oil filter bracket. So the entire bracket and oil pressure sending unit had to be replaced–part cost $200 plus $250 for labor. Now I have to figure out how to replace the skid shield since the bolts that held it to the underside of the vehicle were sheared off in the accident.
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