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Help. What the next step

Hi i drove my mecury villager 1996 off the road.
I punchured the oil filter.

Luckly i had one with me. So i replaced it but i only had 250ml of oil with me.
I attempted to make the 10 miles home.
It started making noises. I stopped and attempted to turn around to park up in. A layby.
It went into resevse and when i attemoted to put back into first. It seized up.

I got it recovered home.
I put a galllon of marvel mystory oil in the engine.
After a few days i attempt to spine the fly wheel with a bar and socket it moves freely.

I then attemptes to start the car . it jusy goes “clunk”
I didnt disconncet the start when manually rotating the fly wheel.

Anyways. What the next step.
Is it take the top off to see if i thrown a piston out.
Any help would be greatly appreciate. I have little money but plenty of time.
Plus would like to accomplish getting it running again

You can remove the “top”(cylinder head) and see whatever there is to see but based on your description of events there’s no need to waste the time. The engine is now scrap iron. You’re in the market for another vehicle.

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how did you only puncture oil filter and not the oil pan? its fate man. lifes way of telling you to move on. good lesson. how much oil was in motor after you replaced filter and tried to drive. just for discussion

Taking the top off won’t show you as much as dropping the oil pan. With the oil pan off you can look at a rod or crank bearing to see how bad it is. I predict that it is bad, really bad.

I agree with @Rod_Knox, this engine is toast.


You should have immediately called for a tow truck

But that doesn’t matter now, as it’s time to move on to a new vehicle

I hope this vehicle has served you well, because you should now call the local junkyards and have them come pick it up

don’t even think of installing another engine in this vehicle . . .


Thanks guys .

I am novice machanic at best. But have enjoyed working on this motor.
I done the break line,calipers ,pads and disk.
Changre the belts.
In the past i also chsnged out a couple of starter motors,alternator and water pumps.
Plus a raditator
And changed over a exhaust.
That about my mechincal extent.

I like the idea of attempt a engine change/engine repair more for the achievement aspect.

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Why should i not attempt to insule engine

Because it makes absolutely no sense, from an economic standpoint

Little in engine .

If a second hand enginecost 300 doller.
And i fit in 20 hours.
The. The car worth 1000.
That means 20 hour work would pay of at 700. Around 35 doller an hour. In a sense.
That nit bad economics

I think motor will not come out top. You have engine hoist? So, you drop subframe and motor/trans come out bottom? You think u can do this? A waterpump is easy. Dropping a motor? Whew.

My nabourer have a engine hoist.
I also have a block abd tackle.
I resonable practically /logically minded.
I enjoy problem solving

U think the motot comes out the buttom. Abs there .
No pjont opening engine up to repair engine in place

Yes. You have to drop subframe.
Pulling a FWD motor is a lousy job
If motor is junk, take it apart in car. Intake, heads, alternator, you can see all the hidden bolts from motor to trans. Than put parts in rear cargo area. And call scrap dealer.

The engine was installed from the bottom so that is the best way to remove it.

I would not waste 20 hours swapping a $300 engine into a 23 year old minivan. Hard for me to trust a $300 engine without doing a bit of teardown and inspection. Even if is warrantied, the labor is not.

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Let’s not forget that this is a 23 year old Mercury Villager . . .

As such, finding a used engine that actually runs and is in good shape is going to be much harder, versus finding a good used engine for a 23 year old used Taurus, Camry, Silverado, etc.

and I still stand by my earlier comment . . . dropping a used engine doesn’t make financial sense, even if you’re not paying for labor

No offense, but the van probably had close to scrap value even before the engine was ruined

Fair point
I will just scrap it.
What the easist way to get aroind the ani siphone devices

Your spell check is not working . Are you asking how to drain the fuel out of your gas tank ?

Yes i am askimg about removong gas from tank