Removing struck oil filter

Can’t get oil filter off no matter what I do. I have tried the following methods: bare hands, rubber grip gloves, rubber strap wrench, metal strap wrench, cap wrench, oil filter pliers, screw driver method. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Oil filter is crushed a bit, but not completely destroyed yet. The previous owner really screwed me over…

My favorite method is to take my belt off, wrap it around the oil filter so it tightens as you pull on it.

You need to get a strap wrench on the rolled bead at the top of the filter,

That’s the strongest part of the filter.


Issue is I did that, and my strap wrench snapped into two pieces. Just bought it today as well…

One like this?



I used a metal strap wrench from AutoZone. Mainly because it was nearby. It looked different from the one you pictured however, is that one better?


The band is wider so it doesn’t break.

You can also use a 3/8 extension on the wrench so you can reach up and use a breaker bar to reef the filter off.


I had one like that defied all methods except taps with a cold chisel along the rolled edge closest to the mounting flange. Light hammer taps on chisel angled in loosening direction.


That’s the one method I have yet to try, just doused it with some WD, and I will come back and try that tomorrow. Also gonna purchase the band wrench mentioned too. Thanks guys.

I have a ginormous channel lock pliers I have used before but I’m not sure it would fit into that space hence the long handled chisel…

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You xan also use 2 strap wrenches, one with each hand, line the strap wrenches with folded sandpaper, use one cap and one strap wrench.

The default solution, after you have ripped the filter in half is to tear off what sheet metal is left and use a big cold chisel, struck from the right on the rim of the base. Never had that method fail.

I am also a cold chisel fan. More importantly, why do you think this got stuck so tight? Who did the last install? Cleaning the base, oiling the gasket and carefully following tightening instructions all are needed.

Probably some guy who said something stupid to the wife and had to spend the night sleeping on the couch . . . and then the next day he probably overtightened all the oil filters, lug nuts and drain plugs


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Back when I worked for Honda removing the oil filters for their first oil change was often a nightmare. I swear they installed them dry with a jackhammer.
One time 3 of us spent approximately 30 minutes removing one filter. Nothing in the tool inventory would budge it until we were down to the support ring and it was finally rattled loose with an air chisel.
Nice job when you’re working flat rate…

ok4450, For some reason filters are often over torqued right out of the factory! Then you read the manual and it says “Never over tighten the oil filter!”

Years ago my Boss’s wife drove a Chevy Chevette (did I say I’m old?). Completely clueless about maintenance. She had 40,000 miles on it, somehow the conversation started on taking care of cars. We mentioned “Oil changes”. She actually said “Oh, do you have to do that?” Then she mentioned the oil light was coming on every few days, “The oil light means add a quart, right?” AHHHHH!

So me and another worker tackle her oil change. We immediately could tell it had the factory blue Delco filter. Long story short, it took both me on a strap wrench and the other guy on a screwdriver through it and we were lucky it came off. Drained out less than a quart, and it was like crude oil.

Got to wonder if it has ever been changed if it is that tight . They can be a beetch to get off specially from the factory . Maybe these newer filters where you just replace the insides and then tighten the cap are better but I have heard issues where those caps break too because people get over zealous with those too .

I had one 50 years ago that I had to pound a screwdriver through to get it off but all I use now is the cap type wrench and never had a problem. That kinda looks like a white box special filter which might thinner sheet metal and more prone to collapse. The guys above have the right answers but maybe a pipe wrench would work if you have room.

The oil filters that Ford has installed at the factory are also plain jane white . . .

If it didn’t have that Ford part number on it, you might think it’s a cheapo store brand filter

Yeah you’re right. I guess Wix are white too. Just didn’t see any printing on it and looked like the sheet metal was pretty thin. One way or tother though, the dang thing has got to come off somehow.

Wix can’t make up its mind

They seem to switch back and forth between white and black filters . . .

Are there many brands that don’t change colors

Has AC Delco always been blue?

so far I’ve only seen red Baldwin oil filters . . .

This is what I use . . . gator jaws by innovative products of america


I’ll say one thing, though

If I have no choice but to use that monstrosity, I don’t start until I have the new filter on the bench

I’ve seen guys destroy a filter by removing it, then go to the parts shelf and discover their filter isn’t in stock . . .