Oil cooler hose?

Hello, I have a 1990 isuzu trooper v6 w/ an automatic trans. I developed a HUGE oil leak. I found out that it was coming from the hose that comes off of the oil filter block. Through further research, I beleive that it’s called the oil cooler hose? My problem is no one sells these and no one seems to know what I’m talking about? I’m hoping one of you could help me find either the correct name and/or where the heck I can buy this?


Do you have a remote oil filter? I believe Troopers and Rodeos of this vintage used a GM 2.8 6 cyl. Perhaps a Chevrolet dealer might be able to point you in the right direction. I have a 2000 Blazer with a remote oil filter, both of the hoses from the engine block to the filter had to be replaced, it was a known problem.

I did a search on www.jcwhitney.com and found this listed under Izuzu Trooper. It also fits GM trucks and is a Dorman product if you want to search on that. The hose is no longer stocked by Izuzu.


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Ed B.

Better buy a few of those Dorman hoses to keep on hand because they only last for a year or so before they start leaking.

Thanks for the response…I saw those this morning actually, they don’t look exactly like the hose that I pulled out of there…but I think I may try it.


Based on the JC Whitney cross reference to a 1990 T-10 (S-10 Blazer 4wd), I found the following oil cooler hoses listed at Autozone

Part #625102 appears to be for the 2.8 and Part #625176 (separate hoses) is for the 4.3.

Ed B.

Sometimes NAPA or Carquest stores will have these in stock. The chain stores like Autozone or Advance will ship them in a day or so. I certainly wouldn’t wait 3-4 weeks for JC Whitney.