Oil cooler hose?



I have a 1990 isuzu trooper II. Is the oil cooling line necassary? Can I bypass it? I’m having major problems locating one.


I think someone posted this same question a while back. It may be interchangeable with a GM cooler hose which are easier to find.


Here is the link to a post asking the same question. Hope this helps.


Ed B.


I don’t know anything about the fittings on this hose and others have posted ideas that are probably better to check out first. If all other things fail, for other oil to cooler hoses I have seen commentary that a hydraulics shop can make hoses for a price that might be less than OEM.


This is the same poster as the other thread, I guess the hose didn’t fit?


Yeah, I ordered them and they didn’t match up. But I appreciate the help. Thank you…


I removed the oil cooler from my k5 and had no problems. I had to replace the filter adapter with a non-oil cooled unit, but that was it.