Radiotor Troubles

my 1995 Rodeo, which I thought had a Heater Core problem, is leaking antifreeze, but ONLY leaking it from the MAX filling point until it reaches the MIN filling point and I can not for the life of me find where the leak is. No leakage inside the car (through the vents) and the thermostat appears to be working fine (in that it starts cold and then the dial warms up to the center of the spectrum (on the dashboard).

The leak seems to be coming from somewhere around the radiator/fan area and spews out a bit all over the engine if I put the heat on or the defrost on hot. I bought a Rodeo specific radiator cap a few days ago. But no change.

It does NOT pour out all over the ground, just a tiny amount, but it does leak onto the engine…


(drained in WV)

Are there hose clamps you can tighten on the radiator hoses?

Any sign of coolant in the oil? Does the 95 have the GM 3.1 engine? If so, have the Rodeo checked for an intake manifold leak.

Check the side tanks on the radiator for leaks or coolant residue. A side tank on my 2000 Blazer cracked near the top and was leaking a small amount of coolant. It was hard to find with the radiator fan shield in the way. Use a flashlight to look for any residue on the side tanks and fins.

Ed B.

There are and when I get off work I’ll check them out.

It’s a 6 cycl 3.2L engine. No antifreeze in the oil. Will check with flashlight. It mostly pools right on top of the engine, and you can tell it has been “spraying” onto the plug wires/plugs (located a few inches away from the radiator fan). thanks

I would guess the thermostat housing or radiator has a pin hole leak. Coolant dye can help pin point the leak.