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Snow is coming...and my sooper trooper is leaking!

Well, the snow will be here soon, and i need to finish up my project so i can drive it in the snow!

its a 1994 isuzu trooper and there are a few leaks that i would like some advice on.

1) My mechanic said there was an oil leak at the speedo seal. I heard this was fairly simple and would like to take a shot at replacing the seal, but i don’t exacly know where it is or what it looks like? can anyone describe where i might find this under the car? Also, I know, obviously, that when i disconnect the spedometer seal, it will leak fluid. is this transmission fluid? or Oil? I guess what I’m asking is what do i need to refill after i replace the seal? ha.

2)There is another leak at my transfer case, and again, I heard this was another relatively simple job if i had the time and any advice on this would be greatly appreciated as well.

I’m still learning about cars so i apologize for my ignorance on the subject, but its a great hobby and I love learning about it. again, any advice and answers would be great!


I can’t help you with the specifics on this vehicle.

However, I can suggest that if you do want to start doing this kind of work on your own your best resource is a repair manual. At auto parts stores you can buy Haynes or Chilton’s manuals for about $20. These are useful for many things and good to have around, but they are also often very bare bones. For something more in the $100-150 range or so you can get factory manuals. This website is one source: though I’m sure there are lots of sources (including eBay).

Speedo cable looks like a bicycle cable and screws onto the tranny. You will lose min to no fluid and it has an o-ring to seal it. Don’t know about the transfer case.

well i took it all apart today, and to my surprise, the o-ring was in perfect shape! I looked a little closer and i think it is possibly leaking from the sleeve that screws on to the part that slides into the transmission. i got some plumbers tape, wrapped the threads, and put some grease over the o-ring just in case so hopefully this solves the problem. All the fluid levels were normal and I havn’t topped them off since i got the car a few months ago, so luckily the leak isn’t massive!