2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited - engine light stays on?

Engine light on system warning “requires oil change”
Changed oil reset system service engine light stays on
Syestem says all systems goog

Do you mean the “Check Engine Light” ? The little picture of an engine?

That light means there is a problem and error codes are stored. They can be read, for free, from most auto parts stores in the US. If you have that done, just be sure to write down the actual codes in the format P1234. Post them back here and we’ll try and help.

Got it. Had oil light on changed oil and reset System but check engine light did not
Go out. Solution was to disconnect positive battery cable for sixty seconds to reset


If the problem has not been fixed… expect that light to come back on.


On-board system was telling me to change oil.

Disconnecting the battery to clear a check engine light (CEL) does not fix anything. It simply restarts the system and as it goes out and finds the sensor giving the CEL the light will come on again.

Yeah, you said that but the CEL is another thing entirely.

I know that. The garage changed the oil and set the oil light. The system was reset
the on-board system reported no problems . The reset did not turn the engine light off.
I went through the reset procedures, and the on-board computer did not reset the
Found a fix to reset light.

So you repeated everything you posted previously and my answer is the same…