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Official end of life for Cartlalk Radio

NPR’s ‘Best of Car Talk’ will end in September 2017

Is this the end of the discussion board also?

You may be right.
Unless they purposely advertise it as a separate entity ?
The awareness will soon wane . .out of sight out of mind . . so how will the average owner ever learn they can post here ?
Does it come up on a google search for car problem help ?

( I never tried so I don’t know how the soccer mom or driveway mechanic even finds their way here now. I only listen to NPR on the way to and from work in the car )

That’s a pity. My dad and I always listened to it on the radio on Saturday mornings when we were running errands. At least they’re going to continue with the podcast

I hope it is not the end of the discussion board,

I ran across the first page of a Rant and Rave thread from Dave/Mort dated March 1999 with posts from Ariadne, A.Man, Fido, “stolen from Garrison Keeler”, “losin it”, and Tom Swift. Needless to say it was a free for all. And the radio program was current then I believe.

Maybe this forum will fold and if so it will be missed. It’s a shame that we and the things we enjoy must change, get old and fade from sight, finally to disappear. Will we go quietly or will we go kicking and screaming? Until then I hope someone will keep this or a similar forum open so the like minded and sometimes not so like minded can have a civil discussion. Someone go rattle Carolyns cage and tell her we want answers and we want them NOW… Please.

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I don’t think car talk has been on around here for at least a year or two. I have to admit though that I rarely listen to NPR anymore due to the programming. Money talk is not on any more and the news is either so biased or simply the BBC. They just don’t seem to be nailing the market anymore with programs like the Splendid Table. It used to be interesting. At any rate I don’t see how the web site should be affected unless they want to end it. Maybe I’m wrong but I can’t see a lot of people coming here being referred from NPR listeners.

This board fulfills a very useful niche by allowing us to not mince words and identify specific car problems and design defects, things you seldom read about in car magazines or the more sanitized TV programs.

I’ve never heard Pat Goss of Motor Week say anything about weak transmissions on certain Dodge caravans, for instance.

I hope the staff will fight to keep this board active.

There is no strong link between the reruns on the radio and this web site. Go to the home page, the radio reruns are only a small part of the links presented. The newspaper/web Q&A column will continue, I imagine, along with most everything else. The issue will arise if web traffic drops significantly. I doubt it will, but we’ll see…

I had to search not hard, but it wasn’t easy either to arrive here. This forum is such a gold mine for people like me.

Good point - “Community” doesn’t really describe what we do here. Makes it sound like we’re mostly talking about the radio show. What would be a better name?

Would anyone with a car problem ever search “highly opinionated, somewhat knowledgeable, often critical motley crew of automotive numb skulls?”


I said “better”, not “accurate”!:smile:

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I believe it has dropped quite a bit.
You may slam me all you want but I wonder if my feeling that traffic has dropped because of all the search engines and things like Siri.

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Cartalk is a part of which is now a corporate entity, so I would think that in some way, it will be with us for awhile. I loved Tom and Ray, but I have to think that in a country of almost 300 million people, there has to be someone who could take their places. The show could be resurrected.

There are other car talk radio shows that I sometimes catch when I’m outside of Minnesota. There is a local one in Ohio and one I think out of Atlanta at least. I don’t appreciate the Ohio twang though and some of these are more extended ads for shops than good info. And of course they aren’t slap stick but then after a few weeks I kind of tired of the slap stick routine. But there are other shows that a station could subscribe to. I catch the one out of Atlanta in South Dakota and its pretty decent, plus it is followed by a home improvement show. This is what used to be on in Minneapolis on Saturday-car talk, home improvement, gardening, all morning and into the afternoon. But stations get bought out and they look for cheap time fillers.

Years ago it was told that the local coronor investigated the death of a close friends husband and ruled it suicide. He said it was the worst case of suicide he had ever seen. The man shot himself twice with a single barrel shot gun. It was funny when told.

Jeez, I missed this. I’ve been in only about once a day lately and must not have read far enough down. Fear not: the Community isn’t going anyplace even though the Best of Car Talk is ending. I think a lot of our traffic comes from people who are googling around and looking for car help - not people who come based on their knowledge of the show. We hope to continue growing the community and welcoming more people to participate.


Or the guy that comes home to find his wife cheating, goes to the dresser, pulls out a gun, puts it to his head and his wife says, “no Stash no, don’t do it!”. To which he replies “Shut up, you’re next”…

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The guy being charged with ending a victim’s life was being interrogated.

He claimed he was simply walking down the sidewalk carving an apple with a knife when the “victim” bumped into him. The bumping into him and is knife was what caused the death, a freak accident.

With that the interrogator asked, "I see what you’re saying, but twenty-seven times?"