OEM Spark Plugs

My 2002 Honda Accord V6 has 100800+ miles and needs plugs. My dealer wants $160 to change them with OEM NGK plugs @ $18 each. Are there cheaper plugs that will give me the same proformance?

If the factory plugs have been in the engine 6 years and 100k, keep your fingers crossed that none are seized in the heads. And there’s the possibility that plug wires, valve cover gaskets, timing belt and all the incidentals will be necessary also. NGK plugs are most often recommended plugs for Japanese cars and you might call a local parts store to see what the correct plugs would cost you, over the counter.

Yes. Even the cheapest copper core plug will work just as well. The platinums and Iridiums generally last a bit longer but if the engine does not have an oil burning problem or fuel related problem an inexpensive copper core plug should last 30-40k miles easy.

I’m not a fan at all of leaving plugs in an engine for a long time and for 2 reasons.
One is that misfires can occur long before a 100k miles and you may not even notice it nor will the computer set a code.
Two is that plugs may seize in the threads of the aluminum head. When removed the plugs may strip out the threads and this means a mildly expensive spark plug hole repair.

I have always found that OEM plugs work best in my Hondas and Toyotas. I put NGK iridiums in my Accords and change them every 100,000 miles. I put a little anti-seize on the threads so they don’t freeze into the head and I pull them out every 30,000 miles to check them. I have had nothing but good luck this way.

They’re $18 each at the dealer, but probably half that at a parts store.

On the other hand, if they last 100K miles, they’re WORTH $18 a piece. Write the check and go on your merry way for another 100K miles.

Get your plugs from you local auto supply store. You can get NGK Platimun for about $2.50 each.

NGK plugs are available in auto parts stores for maybe $6 each. The dealer is making a nice profit on parts & labor. Why are you still going to him? The car is off warranty. Have your plugs changed at an independent shop. Specify OEM NKGs.

NGK Iridiums are available at the auto parts store for about $12.

Why are you going to a dealer for service??? Dealers are no worse and no better than independent mechanics, but they are almost always far more expensive. You don’t need to go there even when the car is under warranty!

As for your question, I have had far less problems with OEM plugs than switching brands. It seems every time I have had a problem with a plug it is a different brand. Don’t buy them from the dealer, you will find them a lot cheaper at the parts or discount store.

As others have pointed out…Honda plugs ARE NGK’s. So just go to a parts store that carries NGK plugs and buy them there. OR try on-line. Wife had a recall on her 96 Accord and part of the recall was to replace the plugs. Everything was itemized from the dealer…cost of plugs was $11 EACH. Luckily it was a recall so it didn’t cost US anything. I bought the EXACT SAME PLUGS from my local parts store for $1.99 the following year when it needed another tuneup (wife was driving about 45k miles annually then). Dealer prices for stuff like plugs are outrageous.

I just paid $10 for NGKs for my Scion. And you can get a decent beam type torque wrench at Sears for $25.

Use the leftover $75 for gas. You’ll need it.

Although, I have to admit that I don’t know how hard the rear bank is to reach on the Accord V6. It may be worth having it done.

Just replaced the plugs in a '99 aluminum-head V8 with 90K. They came out with no trouble and looked great. I should have left them in there for the recommended service life rather than 90%.