Saab 9-3 Spark plug - OEM or any reputable brand?

The Saab manual calls for NKG plugs, which run $12 to $20 EACH! Any recommendations for less expensive plugs?

Also, the owner’s manual spec for the plug gap doesn’t match the off-the-shelf gap for any of the plugs, even the OEM. Do I need to tweak them the last 0.002?

Feel free to use most of these plugs. They will work just fine. My preferences are Autolite, Bosch, and NGKs and I do not recommend Champions at all.

At those prices you mention the plugs are no doubt Iridium and they are pricy; and unneeded IMHO. About 10 or so years ago Fed. regulations started specifying that spark plugs be covered under emissions warranty for about 2 years/24k miles so the use of harder materials, etc. was brought in to try and keep any misfires out for that time period. It’s all about the money since car makers could have potentially been shelling out a fortune in warranty plug replacements.
The Platinum/Iridiums generally last longer than a ho-hum copper core plug but they’re also not infallible for a 100k miles as some may think.

And don’t worry about the .002 of an inch. It’s not going to hurt anything, and the slight difference that it makes in ignition timing, etc. is so small that it belongs in the less than minutae category.
JMHO and hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Personally I’ve had misfires with other than NGK plugs. I think thy’re well worth the few extra bucks.

I also consider the irridium worth the extra bucks. It’s much harder than platinum and doesn’t erode like platinum does. The gap stays true far, far longer.

I would suggest getting them or getting a less expensive plug and replacing them twice as often.  (The second suggestion may be the best, even if it is more expensive as they are less likely to become frozen in the engine. 

The gap is a do it yourself thing. Most of them need adjusting and the same plug may have different specs for a different car. As close as yours are, I would not bother.

you said the cap does not match with off the shelt plugs you need to get gage to adjust them. I have heard a story about some one using another brand pulg other then factory installed and had a problem

Good. NGK are about the best plugs you can buy. If they are that expensive, then they are thetype to last for 100,000 miles but feel free to change them every 80,000. There are no less expensive plugs. There may be, but it won’t make you any richer if you get them cheaper. You don’t have to adjust the gap. If you change them at 100,000 miles, you will get rid of the car before you have to care about it. That is to say before you need another set. You don’t want to break those expensive plugs.