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OEM Parts vs. After market


I replaced the EGR valve for my 99 Acura TL with a new EGR valve from Siemens, however, even after reseting the Fault Codes, the typical EGR fault code for Acura continues to light up the check engine light. Please, advise.

Thank you.

A code for an EGR problem does not necessarily mean the EGR valve itself is at fault. The code only points you in the general direction.

You should get a service manual and follow the diagnostic steps to determine the exact problem.

Good advice OK! Siemens and Bosch makes excellent parts, in my opinion, and the vast majority of parts sold in the US during the life of a vehicle are after-market parts. OPs original EGR valve was likely not made by Acura (Honda), but by one of many Japanese suppliers such as Nippondenso.