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Acura problem

I have a 99 acura TL. The car generally runs well, but at times, and without warning the engine will stop. I can be driving at 70 and it will stop. Usually it starts back up again right away.
Sometimes it will be a little harder to restart, requiring up to ten times to restart. The it runs perfectly.
I have replaced a number of sensors as well as the EGR valve. I just can’t seem to figure this out.

As of right now check engine comes on. Prior to that other codes have come on. When it stalls, it just stops cold. There is no warning and no indication it is going to stall.

We’d need a whole lot more information before we could even guess. Does the check engine light come on? If so, what codes is it storing?

When it stops, does it sputter, or does it just stop cold?

You’ll not solve it by continually throwing parts at it. You need to start with diagnosis.

Have you checked the fuel line pressure?
Have you checked for fault codes?

Either you’re losing spark or fuel. If it’s fuel, you may have a problem with the vent lines or EVAP canister that’s creating a vacuum in the tank and preventing pumping of fuel. That would also weaken your fuel pump.

For any of these problems, a '99 should have stored codes.

It is showing the EGR code. It showed it before as well. I replaced it and no change. The car just dies. it gives no warning, no indicator it is going to stall.
It has also started stalling as it idles for a while. Again, it runs well and evenly, then just cuts off.

Which one? There are a number of EGR codes. Which “it” did you replace, the valve, the solenoid? Did you clean the orafice & tube?

EGR systems often fail because of carbon buildup. Carbon buildup oftem occurs because of some operational problem, such as erratic fuel supply. I’d also again recommend that you test your fuel supply system.

I’d expect different codes for an ignition problem, but things like a CPS can and occasionally do fail intermittantly. By the way, exactly what other codes have come on?
And exactly what sensors have you changed so far?