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99 Acura TL

My car sometimes doesn’t start it. Most of the time there’s not a problem, but if I’m running errands or I’m having to stop several times, that’s where the problems begin. It’ll turn and then sputter off. If I attempt to turn it again it’ll traditionally do it once or twice more, then it’ll turn on as if nothing or wrong or if nothing had happened. Sometimes I can force it to stay on by revving the engine. The problems are only on the start and traditionally when I’m running errands, it will sometimes happen in the morning but not traditionally. The car has 186,000 miles and is great other than this quirky problem. Can you provide a clue, because I don’t want to take it in for somebody to do a full diagnostic for 80 bucks an hour, when I can give them a guidance to what might be wrong. If it’s easy enough I’m quite handy and might even try doing it myself, although my wife is not thrilled about that idea.

I would take the Acura down to a large auto parts store that can read your computer fault codes. You may not have a CEL on now but the faults could still be stored in the computer. That may give you a clue to what’s going on. Other than that…you may have to have someone else diagnose the problem for you. I would recommend a good, independent mechanic.

sounds like a sticky or failing idle air valve, not to difficult to change. if you’r lucky, a code will be in your computer’s memory to confirm this…