Honda Saber vs Acura TL

Dear Tom and Ray,

I am a big fan of your show. Although I have not listened to your show much of late (I am working overseas in Mongolia), I have always enjoyed the laughter and the information that you two provide. I feel I’m sitting down with two of my uncles. hehe

Here’s my question. I have a 1999 Honda Saber, which is supposed to be similar to the Acura TL (either 1999 or 2000, I believe). Parts for my car are just ridiculously expensive here (imagine importing from Japan plus export/import duties, plus autoshop profit margins…) So, I am hoping to order parts from the US and have my brother, who lives there, ship the products to me.

I need to replace the CV joints (clicking noise when turning), shocks and spring coils (slight boaty ride), and possibly the automatic transmission in a year or two (hesitation and pull when changing gears from park to drive, drive to reverse, etc).

Is there any way you can tell me if I can just go ahead and order Acura TL parts? Should I order 1999 or 2000 Acura TL parts? What do you think I should do on the automatic transmission?

By the way, the steering wheel is on the right-side, which makes for interesting driving experience. But, I’m not sure if that would affect anything.

Please help!!! Thank you

What’s a Honda Saber? Not sure of the year? How many miles? Boy, the roads in Mongolia must be awful to have the CVs, shocks and springs and maybe even the transmission crap out in 9 years! How do you figure the failure of those parts? If it were me I think I’d look for something more “domestic” to drive whilst in Mongolia . . . what are the common cars there? Good luck! Rocketman

Here’s a link that explains the relationship:

Since they appear to be built in Ohio and exported to Japan, the US parts should be correct.

what are the common cars there?

Here’s a popular model:

Just what I was thinking NYBo. Rocketman