Odyssey engine mounts

I have a 2007 Odyssey that seems to vibrate when accelerating around 50 mph. These die out at faster and slower speeds. Is it coming from engine mounts?
My dealership tells me it could be the right front axle but they are not sure.

It’s possible. Many of the mid-2000 Hondas and Acuras have had engine mount issues.

If the motor mounts on this Odyssey have never been replaced, I think that this is most likely to be a motor mount problem. Were the mounts ever replaced?

Usually motor mounts are felt at idle, not so much at speed. Try shifting into neutral while at speed and see if the vibration goes away. It could be as easy as a tire out of balence.

The fact that the vibrations die out faster/slower than 50 mph suggests a harmonic vibration due to a wheel/tire/axle issue more than a motor motor mount issue, IMO.

If it were a motor mount problem, it would show up at a certain RPM, not just 50 mph. Also, broken motor mounts are more likely to result in a “clunk” sound when first shifting into gear from Park.