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2005 Odyssey: roaring noise when starting to move

I have a Certified Pre-Owned 2005 Odyssey with 47k miles on it. When I start moving from a dead stop, the engine makes a deep-throated roaring/growling noise, almost as if it’s laboring extra hard. Once the car reaches 5 mph, the noise disappears.

I have compared this van with other Odysseys, and the other vehicles don’t have this noise.

What do you think is wrong?

I think it’s in the transmission.

When you hear this noise, how many RPMs are registering on the tachometer?
How long ago did you buy this car?
Did it come with any kind of warranty?
If so, is the warranty still in effect?

Since Odysseys of this vintage are known for transmission problems, I tend to agree with circuitsmith that the transmission is a definite possibility here.

The noise comes only when the car is between 1000 and 3000 RPM.
Luckily, I have not bought this car yet! I placed a deposit on it but refused to take it from the dealership till they fix this problem. (The powertrain warranty is valid, and will be for a long, long time.)

I think I’ll call the deal off if their technicians are unable to fix this problem.

I insisted on taking a road test with the dealership’s mechanic. As soon as he and I pulled out from a dead stop, he said, “Oh, I can hear it. It’s a broken motor mount. We can fix it for you. No problem.”

Was he talking about the engine mount?

Yes probably was talking about an engine mount. Which is sorta odd. Why would an engine mount be broken on a 2005 car? It does happen. But I might be leary of that. If he changes the mount and the noise disappears, I guess you are committed, huh. I will be surprised if the motor mount makes the noise go away, unless the mount simply allowed the motor or exhause to “rub” against something and that was your growling noise.

Broken motor mounts are one of the known issues with Odysseys of this era, along with transmission problems.