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Odyssey abs and srs light on sometimes

We have a '96 honda odyssey. Note: It had been stolen and the steering wheel panel is very loose- obviously had been tampered with. The abs and srs lights come on, always at the same time but not every time we drive. If the car has been cold and we start the car, they usually do not come on; however, if we stop the car (get gas, go the store, etc…) the light usually comes on when we start the car again. Often if the car sits for awhile - hour or two the lights will not come on when we start the car. Usually, the light either stays on or stays off when driving, whichever was the case when we started the car. I noticed one time, after driving several hours, that lights came on.

We read about this being a problem and that it can be associated with the brake fluid for ABS system. We tried draining, changing, etc., but nothing has changed.

Any suggestions or advice?

M and N

I think my 1994 Integra has the same problem! My mechanic says that the problem is probably a thingy that acts sort of like a shock absorber for the ABS hydraulic system. I forget what he called it. On my car it’s in the right front under the hood; a box with several metal tubes coming out of it. Over time it can leak a little fluid (looking for the wet stuff around the base is part of the mechanic’s diagnosis), so the selftest that runs when you start the car can fail. That turns the light on. New, he says, it runs $2,400; there are used ones available that run about $500.

I haven’t replace mine yet, but running without the ABS active makes me a little nervous.

Can you post the fault codes, please?

Since the steering column was tampered with, you may have a damaged clockspring. That could explain the SRS light