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ABS light on dashboard

I have a 2003 forester 2.5sx and had the

ABS light come on the dashboard. I looked

in the not so helpful car manual and it said need to contact dealer but also mentioned it could be associated with the

seatbelt system or sensor. Could fuses

cause this too? Anyone know how expensive this is to fix?

ABS = brake system.
SRS = Airbags and seatbelts.

Which light is it?

Oops. It was the SRS light. I checked the fuses #11 couldn’t check #6 as it
is not accessible to pull out like the others. They were fine. I checked all the
seatbelts to make sure they were working. Checked some wires under the driver and
passenger seat. Now it seems to be working right now. The light is off. Hopefully
it will stay off.

If the SRS light is off the system is operating normally.

The SRS computer goes through a self-diagnostic routine every time you start the engine. The light will be on until the computer determines everything is functioning correctly, at which time the light goes off.

If it comes back on and stays on you’ll have to have a Subaru dealer check the computer for codes.

If it stays off don’t worry about it.

Thanks for your reply. So far it’s staying off. Fingers crossed.