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Abs and Srs light

My 01 accord has both abs and Srs lights on. I tried the reset procedure for abs but it would not work. You can jump the dlc connector to read flashes which should give codes but I got about a 1/2 dozen light sequences. So, I got another abs module at boneyard for $8 and light is off now. Also been told the srs module records hits and needs to be “fixed” by repair facility. Or, get another Srs module? For $8 also. Donor car at yard has clean bumper. My bumper is cracked good.

You can’t count the flashes, separated by pauses and get some digits?

The pauses between fault codes are just a bit longer than the pauses between the individual digits that make up the codes.

An 01 should be OBD2. You might have to find somebody with a proper scanner/reader to pull the ABS/SRS (B/C body) codes for you. That won’t happen at an auto parts store where they generally can only pull engine/trans § codes.

As an owner of older vehicles I can tell you that some of these problems become more elusive with vehicle age.


Well, abs light came on after 50 ft.
you can jump pin 4 and 9 on Hondas and get code flashes.
says code 14 which is LF sensor short.
which is where wheel bearing was destroyed.
this accord uses tone ring on cv axle
sensor picks up tone pulses from axle ring
will try new speed sensor

If you have a lab o’scope, it’s probably possible to use it to see if you are getting the same type of sensor pulses from that wheel that you get from other wheels, when you rotate the wheels manually. Might be able to get some idea even just using a dvm in ac mode.

Sometimes a bad wheel bearing will trigger an abs light. Any unusual noise from that wheel?