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ABS light

I’m trying to help a friend out who has a '96 Acura Integra. The ABS light comes on after the car has been driven somewhere, parked and restarted (grocery store run). It doesn’t come on when the car has been sitting for a while. Any suggestions? (Don’t know the mileage).

If the ABS light has come on there should be a code stored. Have it read (autozone perhaps) and post the number(s) here (eg.PO123) for further help.

A wild guess might be a partially broken wire or dirty connection. Get the code.

I’ve never known Autozone to have code readers that can read the ABS codes.

The problem might be with one/both of the wheel speed sensors. Sometimes dust from semi-metalic brake pads can accumulate on the tone rings for the wheel speed sensors. This then messes up the signals to the ABS computer.

Remove both front tires and inspect the wheel speed sensors, their tone rings, and the wiring for the wheel speed sensors. If there’s a lot of debris on the tone rings, clean them with a sensor safe brake cleaner. Inspect the tone rings for damage to the teeth. If any of the teeth are damaged, the tone ring requires replacement. Unplug both connectors to the wheel speed sensors and plug them back in. Sometimes a poor connection at the connectors will cause the ABS light to come on. Put everything back together and see if the ABS light remains off. If it doesn’t, then the ABS computer needs to scanned for codes with an ABS scanner to determine what’s causing the ABS light to come on.


I wasn’t sure either, hence the word ‘perhaps’.

Thanks for the help.