I have a 2001 Ford F150. The odometer lights up sporadically. I went to get inspected, and my mechanic says it must be repaird by Ford dealer. I just took to the dealer today, and they say the repair is to replace the “cluster”. $400. I am wondering, now, if this can be repaired anywhere else, and how much a cluster replacement should cost.

There are some bulbs back there, but if your mechanic knows that’s not the cure then a cluster is $332.00 plus labor.
Your mechanic can install it but a dealer must order parts.

Plus your truck must be “grounded” (sitting at the dealer) while they send out the new cluster to be programmed with the correct mileage on the odometer. I had this done on a Honda Accord. Pain in the butt.

check out this fix http://www.f150online.com/forums/electrical-systems/373597-intermittent-odometer-repair.html Worked for my intermittent 1999 F150 odometer. FYI the mileage is kept in a computer that is separate from the cluster, so the new cluster does not have to be sent off and set. The LCD on the cluster is merely a display. Anyway, if your are still having this issue, try this fix. it worked for me and apparently has worked for many others!